为父母 & 家庭

Our goal is to foster communication and continuing dialogue among students, families, 和学院. Together, we support all current students in their journeys to graduation. This site was created to help offer resources as you support your AQ Saint and to provide opportunities for shared efforts to assist in their academic and social success.

It is our aim to identify and address needs, guide members of the community to view participation as an exciting opportunity in their student's college experience, and to ultimately and consistently communicate so that you, as families, feel your connection 在我们的世预赛买球社区受到欢迎. 这个网站将提供电流 information and updates about academic issues and happenings outside of the classroom, provide polls and questions for you to consider, and to encourage you to engage in 与学生的具体对话.

世预赛买球 常见问题解答


AQ课程 & 时间表
Full course descriptions and the academic schedule are found on the 注册/学术建议 网站. Course descriptions are available in the academic catalog or on each 学术部门的 学位/课程网页.

A full time course load for a freshman is 12-15 credits.


  • Each credit hour of classes a student takes will require two to three hours of study 每周.
  • Twelve credits equals 36 hours total class and study 每周.
  • Especially during the first year it is not wise to have outside employment.
  • 如果你的学生必须工作,调查勤工俭学.


Going to college is an enormous change, which makes it both exciting and overwhelming. Students may have some difficulty as they navigate new environments, people, schedules, 和责任. Here are a few of the difficulties we commonly see in new students.

Being on campus away from everyone that loves you can be an overwhelming and somewhat 可怕的经历. We have learned that identifying your classes before the term begins (这也适用于我们的高年级学生!)和找个人一起吃饭,见面 up with socially, or someone in class to form a study group is a great way to make AQ你的家.

Being on campus away from everyone that loves you can be an overwhelming and somewhat 可怕的经历. We have learned that identifying your classes before the term begins (这也适用于我们的高年级学生!)和找个人一起吃饭,见面 up with socially, or someone in class to form a study group is a great way to make AQ你的家.

Your student should enter into their living situation knowing that this may not be 天作之合. For a lot of our students, this is the first time in their lives that they have shared a space and everyone must be sensitive to this transition. 相处需要努力和成熟!

If/when conflict arises in your student's living situation, please refer them to the 宿舍助理被分配到他们的楼层. 这些学生领袖受过培训,可以提供帮助 both students work through their roommate agreements and to find away to live together so that all those sharing the room are able to be academically successful. RAs are also available to offer alternatives to the roommates if they cannot make the 生活情境工作.

Sometimes the best of friends do not make the best of roommates. 而且,有很多 去了解一个与你不同的人... 它能帮助你成长和学习 为大学毕业后的生活做好准备.

通常有两类学生... 一个接受所有邀请的人,还有一个 who only comes out of their rooms or their cars to attend classes and hit the cafeteria. 两种情况都是灾难性的! 找到联系的平衡才是关键 ultimately assist in your student's overall development and success; a vibrant campus and campus community offers so many opportunities to enhance or explore various interests.

Balancing a life outside the classroom is a learned process. 如果一个学生是更多的 social than others, it is important for them to get their academic work completed 在社交开始之前. 规划社交和参与机会是关键 so that students are able to make wise and healthy choices in how they spend and invest 他们的时间、金钱、精力和想法.

Responsibility is key in balancing a college student's academic and social life. 行为 in and out of the classroom impact the other, so identifying habits early in the college career and seeking out available resources will always yield success.

If your student had trouble waking up in the morning, they are STILL going to have 大学里的烦恼. If they were disorganized they will most likely continue down 这条道路. If they procrastinate, you can bet that they will struggle and have a great deal of stress and anxiety regarding projects and exams.

It is important for your student to establish expectations for themselves and to work with support staff on campus to find ways to CHOOSE to become responsible with time 管理等.

  • 他们有时会害怕.
  • They want you to call and ask about things other than school work.
  • They want you to pick up the phone on their schedule and be willing to listen (even 如果真的很晚的话).
  • That if they don't call that doesn't mean that they aren't thinking about you.
  • 他们想听到你无论如何都爱他们.
  • They need to be able to make their own decisions, even if they turn out to be wrong 有时.
  • That living in a residence hall requires a lot of adjustment.
  • 他们不想被拿来和兄弟姐妹比较. 赞美他们做自己.
  • 他们希望能经常回家. (如果他们做不到,不要让他们感到内疚.)
  • Being a college student costs money beyond books and tuition.
  • Facing your disappointment is harder than doing poorly in a class.
  • 有时他们只是需要有人坐下来倾听.
  • They always want to you to be patient and understanding.

  • If your student is calling you with bad news, they already feel bad enough. 请 告诉他们你在乎他们.
  • They want you to help them look at his options and listen, listen, listen.
  • 帮助你的学生掌握一切.
  • 不要接受“我很好”这样的回答.
  • Encourage them to know where they stand in each class at all times.
  • Encourage them to meet their professors face to face and to meet with them early in the semester, not when things are not going the way that they want them to go.
  • 不要替学生解决问题.
  • They will really begin to grow up when they have to figure their own way out of a 艰难的情况.